"I have had the great pleasure of listening to Michael Bellmont perform his original music.  The lyrics are intelligent, soulful and well thought out.  

When Michael performs publicly it is a joy to hear and see.  He has a relaxed, confident style.  I’ve heard him perform in front of an appreciative audience.  His style is quietly captivating.  His singing and guitar style is very accomplished; yet he makes it look very easy and fun.

I want people to discover his wonderful music." 

Hazel  Miller (Colorado Queen of R & B, Gospel, Soul, and Jazz

"Michael Bellmont is a rare kind of musician, a Texas sweetheart with a truly down home sound. He has a voice that reckons back to Leon Russell or Willie Nelson offering listeners a glimpse back to simpler times where matters of the heart were what mattered most."                                                                                                                                                               

Rebecca Folsom (award winning songwriter, recording and performing artist)

 "Michael Bellmont is one of the best acoustic guitar players I have ever seen.  He has opened for my band a few times.  He always pleased the crowd."  

Sammy Dee Morton (Louisiana and Texas Blues virtuoso)

"I have known Michael Bellmont for 24 years. My church has sponsored concerts and I have personally attended his gatherings in and around the Longmont area.  He is truly a talented musician who cares deeply about helping others and making a difference in the community.  Not only is his music uplifting and entertaining, but he has a true spirit of giving and a wonderful sense of humor.  I can highly recommend collaborating with Michael to make a difference in your community."

The Reverend Max Bailey (Rector St. Stephen's Episcopal Church)

"Absolutely loved your music. I feel as though my spirit was filled up with emotions and love and life. It was a sincere gift to enjoy your songs. Thank you."

Melissa M. (singer/songwriter)

"I would like to thank you for a lovely, inspiring afternoon of wonderful music and fundraising.  Making a difference.  How beautiful."   

Sharon (House Concert fund raiser attendee)