The phrase, "heartfelt song," takes on new meaning here.  All my life I have wanted to make a difference.  Most of us cannot be a Martin Luther King or Mother Theresa, but all of us can apply the passions and talents we have to making a difference, even if it is just for the few folks in our personal circle of life.

 Consider partnering with me to support a local non-profit you're passionate about by sponsoring a house concert (see "SPONSOR A HOUSE CONCERT" under the MMAD MUSIC tab).            

 With "MMAD" music I have collaborated with others to support veteran groups, humane societies, services to the homeless, wildlife sanctuaries, and more.  

 I would like to be remembered as "one whose musical heart was as big as his state of origin"  (that's Texas if you haven't figured it out by now!).   By partnering with me in this way you'll receive a double reward...engaging entertainment and the satisfaction of knowing you have been a part of "Music Making a Difference."


"I have known Michael Bellmont for 24 years. My church has sponsored concerts and I have personally attended his gatherings in and around the Longmont area.  He is truly a talented musician who cares deeply about helping others and making a difference in the community.  Not only is his music uplifting and entertaining, but he has a true spirit of giving and a wonderful sense of humor.  I can highly recommend collaborating with Michael to make a difference in your community."

The Reverend Max Bailey (Rector St. Stephen's Episcopal Church)


"I would like to thank you for a lovely, inspiring afternoon of wonderful music and fundraising.  Making a difference.  How beautiful."   

Sharon (House Concert fund raiser attendee)


Your music really opened up my heart.”

House Concert fund raiser attendee